We are not alone!! Together we can accomplish our goals. We must support each other. It was amazing! We met other women, shared, connected, were heard, and found friendship & support.

Soledad Tanner

Thank you so much ladies for sharing your stories. I left with much-needed inspiration!

Dora Perez

I just want to thank you so much for hosting the social share last night.  Thank you for listening and speaking life into my situation. I feel so much better today.

Elizabeth Rubalcava

It was great to meet such diverse group of amazing women. Looking forward to our next event.

Veronica Turner
About the Founder

Your journey is your purpose!

In 2011, I lost my sister to cancer.  It happened so quickly, with no warning, and not very much time to comprehend her death. This painful moment taught me that life is very short and the only way to live life is by being intentional and to live it with purpose. In this journey, I learned that life is not defined by society, or by how much money we have in our bank account, or the title or degree we hold, but by something much greater…God.

To express this passion, I created my online personal brand @danelialoves, with the objective to help empower individuals to live purposefully, cultivate self-love, and foster leadership skills.

I decided to take it one step further and build a community of women of purpose, who are looking for support, guidance, and a place where they can belong and be accepted. This community is for women who want to achieve more, be more, and give back to others. A place where we can grow together and inspire one another to fulfill the mission God has for our life.

-Danelia Argueta

Why Our Community


Empowering women through Christian principles, to live a purpose-filled life by creating a safe space for sharing, providing personal development workshops and leadership training, and by creating a woman of purpose community.