Meet Glenda Bedneau: Honoring her parents

Meet Glenda Bedneau: Honoring her parents

My life has profoundly changed since I became my mom’s primary caregiver four years ago. I thought that if I was ever in the position to take care of my parents, I would likely be in my 60s or 70s. Unfortunately, I am part of a growing group of adult children and caregivers who begin this journey under the age of 40. It is by far the hardest job I have ever done. It requires immense patience to be the parent to my mom while helping my dad by doing things my mom once did for him. When this journey began, I found myself making all the medical decisions for my mom and dealing with several different types of medical staff. Fortunately, my experience in healthcare proved helpful in explaining the medical lingo to my dad and deciding on the appropriate care for my mom.

It’s ironic that I often told myself how fortunate I was to have healthy parents when I worked with elderly patients. I felt bad for my patients, especially those who came to their doctor appointments with no support from family or friends. It’s so vital for a patient to be surrounded by loved-ones because of that aids in healing. Once my mom was ready to be released from the hospital, I gave thank you notes, gifts, and baked goods to everyone that was instrumental in her care, including the valets who didn’t always charge us to park in front of the hospital. I made a list of everyone who went above and beyond to give my mom excellent care. It was important to express my gratitude on behalf of my family and me.

Throughout this ordeal of caring for my mom after her hemorrhagic stroke, helping my dad, and taking care of myself – God has been in the midst. I wouldn’t be here today, living a life of joy and peace without God being with me every step of the way. My relationship with the Lord gave me the strength to take care of my health and get out of isolation. I was dealing with an autoimmune condition that required me to have low stress, ample sleep, and daily medicine. Also, I did not socialize for at least a year. It was like I disappeared. My experience has shown me how God works things out for my good when I put him first. I am living a life of purpose, joy, and peace. I am so grateful to have a life I enjoy and being a team with my dad for my mom’s care. God is good and always on time!

What does purpose mean to you? 

Living a life full of joy by keeping God first and the center of my life.

About Glenda Bedneau: 

My background is in healthcare and fitness. I am Dominican American – West Indian. Prioritizing my walk with the Lord has been the foundation that gives me peace when the storms of life come. I enjoy helping others through ministry and volunteer work. Seeing the happiness in someone I have helped is priceless and always makes my day. I love quality time with my family ( including my dog ) and friends. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me so I cook and bake often, with predominantly healthy ingredients. I eat 80% – 90% healthy and I enjoy several different types of exercising.
Contact information: 
Facebook: @papillonphoenix
Instagram: @thephoenix_0317
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  • Agnes Bennett Posted November 2, 2018 2:22 am


    Your story is awesome. You are awesome! I am so proud of you and all that you have done and continue to do.
    You are filled with the joy of the Lord and it shows in all you do. So glad God placed you in my life and proud to be your Godmother

    Keep walking with Jesus,

    • Glenda Bedneau Posted November 6, 2018 6:31 am

      You are a gift that God brought into my life. I’m so grateful that you are a constant source of support, encouragement, and unconditional support. I love you beyond words!

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