Meet Coppelia Marie: I was created to worship God

Meet Coppelia Marie: I was created to worship God

Since this is for “my beautiful purpose story”, I took a minute to pray and think about what is the beautiful purpose of my life. Is my purpose to be a great wife and mom first? Is it to be a successful Christian radio DJ, encouraging people every day? Is it to be a singer, a worship leader that moves people with the songs she sings and draws them closer to Jesus? Is it to blog and connect with an amazing community online, to grow personally and financially? Is it all of those things or something else?

I actually do all those things. I love being wife and mami to my husband and our two awesome, active, sporty tweens. I work full time at a Christian radio station. I lead worship and sing on the weekends. I also blog about family, faith, and fun at and love being a part of blogger communities like the Houston Latina Bloggers and Houston Moms Blog!

A lot of activity doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re living in our purpose. We might do a lot of things in our search for purpose. I don’t know that I’ll have all the answers about “living in our purpose” this side of heaven.

But I believe two things with certainty: I was created to worship God and He wants me to go and share the Good News of Jesus with the world.

I believe you were created for this, too.

I’ll share a bit more of my life story here, but let me start by saying that when I try to figure things out on my own, I usually end up coming back to God! He is my creator and He knows best what decisions I should make to accomplish what He created me to do. I’m always better off by coming to Him!

What does living a Beautiful Purpose look like?

Some days, that will look like praying with my husband and kids at mealtime or bedtime. Other days, it’ll look like I’m sacrificing family time in order to work full time and help with our finances. At the end of the day, I want to be able to say I’m making choices that glorify God and help point people to him every day.

I’ll share a bit of my story here and hope it encourages you! It’s not perfect, it’s messy and it’s a work in progress. But we can always learn from each other, right? Here we go!

Growing up in Puerto Rico

I was born and raised on the island of enchantment, “La Isla del Encanto”, Puerto Rico. We were a very musical family: a conservatory-trained classical pianist dad; piano and guitar-playing mom; and three singing kids! We were sort of like a mini-Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music (which happens to be my favorite movie!) And music always filled my home.

I went to private schools growing up, but that meant we were pretty broke most of the time. My mom was a teacher and her salary pretty much covered tuition. It didn’t cover books and uniforms. And my dad had jobs off and on, in part because it was hard to find work that didn’t require him to drive. He’s legally blind and lost the ability to drive while I was still a little kid. We had our share of financial stress, but those times can be blessings in disguise. I remember having to trust God out of need more than out of “religion.” Our family saw Him come through and provide time and time again. I look back and see His hand getting our family through a lot of hard times and I just have to stop and celebrate His faithfulness. Even when we fail, He never does.

I graduated high school and stayed home to attend the University of Puerto Rico. I majored in communications and got my first part-time job in radio while I finished my degree. That turned into a full-time radio job and now that I look back, it’s easy to see GOD directing my steps! It wasn’t always easy to see back then! I remember praying, clueless about what classes to take, wondering what the heck I wanted to do with my life? Thank God, He answered those prayers (and then some!)

My hubby and I met in church and became friends with no interest to date whatsoever (or so I thought! Ha!) The more we hung out at church events, choir concerts, worship rehearsals, services (and lunches and dinners after church), the more I enjoyed hanging out with Adam. In 2004 we got married, honeymooned at Disney World and Palmas del Mar resort, lived through a brain tumor surgery, went back to Disney World after the surgery and saw more miracles in one year than some people see in a lifetime!

Shortly after that, at a radio convention in California, I met the people that God used to begin our journey from Puerto Rico to the Golden State.

The California Adventure

We lived near Sacramento, California for about six years. During that time, I started my dream job as the national promotions director for two major radio networks. It was an answer to prayer for sure, but God went above and beyond! This is just one of MANY times in my life where I’ve seen God give me the desires of my heart as I’ve delighted in Him. Amazing!

Right before the job offer that brought us to California, my husband went through brain surgery. I prayed, cried and wondered what our future would look like. Would we have kids? Would everything turn out ok? I wrote in my journal about a passage in the Bible that spoke to me, but I wasn’t sure why. It was in Deuteronomy 7 and it talked about how God would bless the fruit of my womb, increase blessings and heal every disease. I wrote that passage down around January and pretty much by May the same year, 2005, I saw everything God promised come to pass! My salary increase was three times what I was making. Adam was 100% healed and cleared! And we were pregnant!


We made a ton of great friends in California, especially a 20-something Houstonian co-worker, my friend Nikki, who raved about a radio station back in her hometown that I’d never heard of. That same station eventually reached out and invited me to apply, then hired me to do the morning show. My hubby Adam and I prayed and prayed and the closer we got to the decision, the more we felt it was God leading us to hurry up and get to Texas!

I wasn’t born in Texas, but …

… I got here as fast as I could, with a hubby and two kids in tow!

I grew up with an image of Texas that is not unlike what many non-Texans think: we were going to be surrounded by cows and cowboys, cowboy hats & boots, Texas flags waving everywhere and thick southern accents. And really good BBQ. It was so good I gained 20 pounds my first year here! But Houston is a special kind of Texas. It’s international and diverse. It’s fun! It has culture and arts. It has amazing museums, beautiful parks and mega churches. I pretty much fell in love with Houston at first sight. You’ll hear people say it’s a big city with a small town heart and that’s absolutely true. I love it!

When we moved to Houston, my son was about to start Kindergarten and I was still breastfeeding my daughter. We quickly found a wonderful new church plant in Kingwood, where I believe God brought us to raise our family. As I look back on all this, I see God in each season and every moment. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that God always has a plan!

Since moving to Texas in 2011, we’ve gone through another brain tumor surgery (and another miracle!) We evacuated during Hurricane Harvey’s historic flooding. We’ve watched our kids grow in school and excel in sports. We’ve been blessed to attend amazing churches, small and big, and make great friends!

I’m convinced that each part of my story, however long we stay in Texas or wherever God leads us next, is a part that He is weaving into a Beautiful Purpose.

Live out YOUR Beautiful Purpose

What I hope you’ll find in your own life is that every part of your story, the fun parts and the scary ones; the happy and sad ones; and everything in between; it’s all part of a bigger picture. Sometimes we lose sight of that and get frustrated when we’re “stuck” or if things are going slow; if we’ve hit a wall or are faced with failure.  Be encouraged! Take heart!

In my 20s, I never could have imagined where a part time job at an AM radio station would lead. California! Texas! Emceeing festival stages and speaking at women’s events! Reaching people and making more friends than I ever thought I could. I know it’s all God.

In my 30s, it’s been a struggle, figuring out the delicate balance between professional life and home life. I’ve questioned “am I doing this right or totally messing up my life and my family? I can see now (even though it was hard to see sometimes) that God leads us well, even in the dark. Especially during those times, it’s important to trust Him, whether we’re hearing Him and feeling close to Him or if we feel far away. We change, but He is constant.

In my 40s (which my kids constantly remind me how OLD that is …lol), I feel like there are so many opportunities up ahead! I want to make the MOST of each one! There’s so much growth! So many possibilities!  So many dreams! I believe God gives us a beautiful purpose in each stage of life and every season. It’s ours to live! So let’s live it! And as for me, I hope to live out my beautiful purpose for His glory and to point people to Him.

What does purpose mean to you?

Purpose is something that makes a difference in how we live. It’s knowing what God created us to do, using our talents and knowing that what we are doing matters.

About Coppelia Marie: 

I’m a puertorrican wife and mami living in Houston, Texas. My hubby and I met and got married in Puerto Rico then moved to California to pursue radio dreams that God fulfilled. Our son and daughter were born in the Golden State and a few years later, God led us to another radio opportunity in Houston. I’m currently working in radio full time, while raising a family. I also love blogging about family, faith and fun, and I sing and lead worship. Life is full and busy, but I love it! And I’m learning to find balance through a weekly day of rest.
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Twitter: @coppeliamarie
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