Meet Arisela Shaw: Despite a painful past, her faith has kept her moving forward

Meet Arisela Shaw: Despite a painful past, her faith has kept her moving forward

God has been my strength from the moment I was in my mother’s womb to where I am today. He created me for a purpose to love as I have never been hurt before and to share His gift of hope with others. I am grateful for the strength He gives me to overlook an offense and to keep moving forward in life. From ashes to beauty is what His word says.

For whatever reason my biological father wanted my mother to lose me, not abort, but to lose me. I have learned to pray and love my dad to do this day. Why? Because no one knows his story. Stories are what we are made of and it is knowing those stories that we are able to gain a different perspective and are able to break free. I’ve had some hard lessons throughout my life, that only God can redeem the time.

I was molested in my early childhood. I experienced domestic violence growing up. I was forced to marry someone who I wasn’t in love with who later abused me emotionally, mentally and physically. I lost the closest person to me, watched my mother battle domestic violence and watched her deteriorate from the time I was in first grade to her last breath in my arms which was two days before Christmas my senior year. Watching her life and her strength that was fueled by her faith has been my strength in my journey.

I was abused mentally, emotionally and physically in my first marriage. I promised myself that no one would ever hurt me again but the truth is we live in an imperfect world and we are imperfect. I later met my husband who changed my way of thinking about love and life. We had children together and this became my priority. I took pride in becoming a good mother and wife forgetting myself in the midst of this and trying so hard to live up to the perfection I wanted that I lost myself.

Since then I have experienced battle scars that we sometimes face in the difficulties of marriage. Yet, I hold on to my God, my faith and His strength that provides me with everything I need to finish his plan for my life. Plans to help other women, marriages, and families find that strength and that hope and that love that holds us together.

My God-fearing love for God is my lifeline. My faith frees me to become light and salt on this earth that points everything good in me back to Him. As a priority, I hope to continue to aim is God first, Family Second, Friends third and Career.

I leave you with to meditate Psalm 15 and Psalm 1:1-3, Psalm 19. May you be blessed and May the Lord Shine His face upon you and your household.

What does purpose mean to you? 

Doing the things that God Values is number one in my life.

About Arisela Shaw: 

Arisela Shaw is a small business entrepreneur selling various network marketing products for over 20 years.  She attended UHClear Lake advancing in Bilingual and Multi-cultural Education as well as Rice University Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership. She been a homeschool teacher/parent for over 20 years and gives herself the title of Chief of Everything Officer which includes duties of an organizer, planner, teacher, guidance counselor, mentor, motivator, advisor, project manager, chauffeur, therapist, and nurse. She’s also a Beautiful Purpose Lead Team volunteer. 
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Instagram: @ariselashaw
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