Why Our Community

We believe in community over competition

Women are constantly being challenged, trying to juggle a million things in our mind and in our life. We do our best to maintain the perception that we have it all figured out. Trying to keep it all together while slowly breaking inside.

As a 501c3, faith-based non-profit organization, we exist to provide the support, community, and resources to help women from all walks of life to live purposefully.  We aim to create a safe space for women to share, heal, and together define a life with a purpose that is unique and special to each one. Every woman has a different journey and every story is unique.


Growing in your PURPOSE means receiving the mental and emotional support necessary for you to heal from trauma or ongoing pain. We provide ongoing social share experiences to allow open and honest conversations to flow so the healing journey can begin. We also have counseling referral solutions available.


To continue growing and developing in your PURPOSE, we provide the personal development tools necessary to help you grow in every area of life. This is done through workshops, leadership training, and through our resource referral program.


One of the best ways to grow in your PURPOSE is to get connected. We host ongoing WOMEN OF PURPOSE events to help you meet other women that can provide additional resources and support in your life.


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